“The First True Cannabis Infused Edible”

  • The purest & most potent edible in the California market
  • Flower Infusion

Why are Bud Gummies Different?

Bud Gummies are the first and only edible in the California market infused with 100% pure Decarboxylated Cannabis Flower. Our patented Micro-Dehydration Process is solvent free and thermally activates cannabis in plant form. Our process preserves the natural properties of each strain, giving you a unique experience based on the entire terpene and cannabinoid profile.

  • Concentrated Terpenes & Cannabinoids
  • Solvent Free
  • Strain Specific
  • Infused with 100% Pure Cannabis Flower
  • Full Spectrum
  • Entourage Effect

Why buy products infused with compounds, when you can have cannabis? Each Bag of Gummies Contains almost a full Gram of pure activated cannabis flower.

Our Cultivation Partner: Sweet Sisters Farms

With sustainability as one of their primary focuses, the Sweet Sisters Family Farm is entirely run on solar, and all of their plants are grown full-sun either directly in the dirt or in raised garden beds. Drip irrigation helps them manage their water usage responsibly, and compost tea made on the farm from forest duff helps their plants perform to their fullest potential. This year, they’re converting their farm into an entirely in-ground system, removing the raised beds block by block to fully connect their plants with the earth and obtain a deep synergy with their land.

In 2017, Sweet Sisters was permitted to grow cannabis under Prop 64, they’ve dedicated their operation to providing consumers access to the best cannabis on the market. “We have always known first hand, the power of the plant. The medicinal properties of the plant are very real.” Being a three-time cancer survivor herself, Sara knows from experience the healing benefits of cannabis and the importance of using only clean inputs. This is why they utilize organic cultivation practices to produce their high-grade bud, the other motivator being their determination to maintain a loving relationship with the earth. “We believe that the loving intention you bring to the garden every day is ultimately expressed in the flower.”

As part of the original founding members of the Hive Mendocino Cooperative, Sweet Sisters  is passionate about teamwork and supporting others. They know that each farm brings its own unique cultivation knowledge, and together, they can help improve the craft cannabis space by combining new and old techniques. “Our intent has always been to create a network of farms where collaboration and transparency are achieved in all aspects of the individual and collective farming and business practices,” Sara explains. “We hold each other up, we learn from each other, and we have fun together.”

Strain Lineage:
Moon Drops: Purple Urkle x Do Si Do

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Sweet Sisters Farm Mendocino, CA

Cultivation Partner
Sweet Sisters Farms

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