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Our mission
At RA’ Flower Brands our mission is to craft superior quality cannabis products, while preserving the unique effects and medicinal properties of each strain. We proudly align ourselves with the long-standing traditions of compassion and community established over decades in Northern California’s Emerald Triangle region. Embracing the region’s rich history of growing, nurturing, and understanding the power of the cannabis plant and its many applications. We are committed to providing only the highest quality and efficacious cannabis products to our patients and customers.

Crafted by Cannabis Connoisseurs
Like you, we are Cannabis Connoisseurs who want nothing more than the purest, most effective, all-natural products that support healing and wellness. RA’ Flower products allow you to experience the full benefits of pure cannabis flower without smoking or vaping. Our patent pending “Micro-Dehydration” process minimizes degradation of key terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids, giving you a complete therapeutic experience. RA’ Flower Brands is the vision of cannabis product pioneer and health care expert Alan Hoskins, developer of “Cannaburst” fruit chews, the first strain specific edible launched in California. With more than 15 years of research and development into whole plant extraction and infusion methods, Hoskins and his team have created an innovative decarboxylation process that utilizes no chemicals or solvents, preserving the unique medicinal properties of each strain.

“Crafted by Cannabis Connoisseurs”

– Alan Hoskins

Activation Without Extraction
Our innovative micro-dehydration process is solventless and allows us to activate cannabis flower in its natural plant form without extracting. This non extracted process preserves the natural healing properties of each strain, giving you a unique experience based on the terpene and cannabinoid profile of the flower.

“Purity is Potency”
Because our products are made with only 100 percent pure cannabis flower, the most medicinal part of the plant, you will experience the true medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant. Most products in today’s market are made with trim or shake, which contain only a fraction of the medicine that is in the flower or bud of the plant.There is no other cannabis manufacturer that uses our proprietary process or technology and provides such a high bio-available medicine. That’s the value and innovation of RA’ Flower Brands.

RA’ is the Power of the sun
We created RA’ Flower Brands in the spirit of RA’, the Egyptian Sun God and the earth’s most powerful source of natural energy. We “Hand Craft” our superior quality Tetrahydrocannabidol THC and Cannabidiol CBD capsules in small batches utilizing only premium, sun-grown cannabis flower, sourced from the Emerald Triangle. In partnership with Giving Tree Farms, a leading organic cannabis grower, we bioengineer and cultivate the most powerful and effective medical-grade products in the California market.

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“Vestibulum ac diam sit amet quam vehicula elementum sed sit amet dui.”

– Jina Perez


“Vestibulum ac diam sit amet quam vehicula elementum sed sit amet dui.”

– katy Connely
Marketing Manager


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